Monday, 8 November 2010


MOUNTAIN DATE: 2010-15:45

On a mountain far, far away, there is a team of Trust workers whose ongoing five year mission is to explore new horizons, build new dams, and continue to walk further than ever. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

To reach out and engage with new contacts, (a sheep with a purple dot walks by.). To continue to suffer the hits to the thumbs with hammers, to keep on falling down rabbit holes, and to keep sliding down steep bank sides. We drive along the steep hill called Derbyshire level, and walk down the marshy hill called Marlow flats, and trudge up to Bleaklow (at least the ‘bleak’s right) not to mention  windy corner (was Tom on Robinsons last night?).

Strange universe this Peak District. Anyway its good to get back to the SHB hired vehicle (we couldn’t afford an Enterprise). The vehicle looks like it’s been through an asteroid belt, all scrapes and dents; it will take more than dilithium crystals to put that right. Ah well, as the klingons say “it’s very cold in space’ – well they ought to try Kinder Scout in a full blown gale in February. Now Scotty, five to beam up.

Steve Lindop
Estate Team Supervisor

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