Friday, 11 November 2011

The Longshaw Trail was our Choice Today...

Here's a poem written by visitor Sarah Harmer who completed our Longshaw Geocache Trail. Come to the Longshaw shop to borrow our two GPS devices and have a go for yourself! Locations for all of our Peak District Geocaches can be found here:

The Longshaw trail was our choice today
Five series' caches and one more along the way.
With georellies we set out just before ten
By 2.00 we'd be back at the Lodge again! (for our free cuppa!)

The walk was fantastic over different types of terrain
And although it was cloudy it did not rain.
All five caches were easy to find
We examined the contents and each log we signed!

There was heather, bilberries and bracken too
There were trees of all species to frame each view.
We saw several cows and lots of sheep
Most were eating but some were asleep!

This is a wonderful circuit of less than five miles
We crossed bridges, forded streams and climbed several stiles.
For the series a favourite point we definitely award
And for us, four hours of fun was our reward!

From the lodge it wasn't far to cache number one
We looked for the TB but sadly it was gone.
We found the ice house, an interesting site
And set off for cache 2 on the route that was right!

From cache number one it was about a half mile hike
Along the sort of terrain we really like. (i.e. easy!)
Having located the cache, we enjoyed the view
And learning about the location was interesting too!
It wasn't hard to find cache number three
We punched our log for that free cup of tea.
We learned about the quarry and the millstone grit
And mile-a-minute and Commander H agreed this walk was a hit!

It didn't take long to locate this cache
But with gnats all around we had to dash.
There was just time to measure the tree (before we got bitten to death!)
And with cachers before us, an age of 56 years, we agree!
On the route from cache four we spied THAT van
And the most junior team member to this he ran. (he's forty something...!)
But as he was first he had to pay for us all
And we licked our ice-creams as we leaned on the wall!

This final cache was too easy to find
As it was very exposed so we hope you don't mind,
We've hidden it better but in the same place
So others will still find it easy to trace!

For the views of Carl Wark and Higger Tor
For such a wonderful walk we are awarding you once more.
A favourite point, and we just have to say
We will be back to enjoy the walk again on another day!

By Sarah Harmer
Visitor to Longshaw Geocache Trail on 30/08/2011

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