Friday, 5 October 2012

Great British Walking Festival

I’ve been doing a lot of walking on Kinder Scout recently. When I’m not volunteering for the National Trust I work as a Conservation Works Officer for the Moors for the Future Partnership. They, as well as the National Trust, carry out restoration work on the blanket bogs and heather moorlands of the Peak District.

Some of the footpaths on Kinder Scout have been badly eroded leading walkers to veer off the path, damaging the nearby vegetation and widening the muddy scars still further. Lately we’ve been busy repairing the footpaths on Trust land on the hill and it’s my job to liaise with the contractors and check their work. The work near Grindslow Knoll has now been completed, which will help walkers cross difficult patches while preserving the adjacent vegetation.

We’re just starting work at Crowden Tower, Ringing Roger and The Nab and I’m really looking forward to re-visiting these sites and observing the progress made. Come and see for yourself (but please be careful while the works are in progress – the staff on site will guide you past any difficulties).

Starting from Edale, you could follow this fine National Trust walk which will take you up the valley and back along the high edges past  Crowden Tower:

Alternatively, Moors for the Future offer an excellent audio trail which takes you from Edale to The Nab:

Listening to this as you walk along the new footpath will help you to appreciate just how lucky we walkers are today!

Steve Maynard

For more information on the National Trust's Walks:

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