Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Johny Pitts reveals Upper Derwent Valley as his favourite National Trust place  

Celebrities are used to life in front of the lens but this spring stars from the world of sport, film and TV take a turn behind the camera.

Johny Pitts, CBBC Children’s TV Presenter, chefs The Fabulous Baker Brothers and England and British Lions rugby ace Austin Healey are among those who have shared photographs of the places that mean the most to them as part of a nationwide initiative by the National Trust to celebrate the importance of ‘special places’ in people’s lives.  The campaign follows research undertaken by the charity which found that 84 per cent of Brits have a favourite place they go to which positively affects their wellbeing and happiness. 83 per cent of people in Midlands also revealed they had a favourite place.

Photographs by the celebrities are being showcased on a new app created by the National Trust to encourage people to share their favourite place and why it means so much to them. The app will also feature places that are important to National Trust staff and volunteers and members of the public.

Johny Pitts decided to share Crook Hill in the Upper Derwent Valley, Peak District as his favourite place based on his childhood memories.  Johny took part in a photoshoot on Crook Hill and he can be seen drinking in the magnificent views of the Upper Derwent Valley.

Included on the app are other well-known names such as Nell McAndrew with photographs of Ham House in London, whilst Kim Cattrall shares memories of Blickling Estate in Norfolk, describing it as it as a perfect day when she visited with family. Other celebrities involved include The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Tom and Henry Herbert, who chose Dyrham Park near Bath after family picnics there and its spectacular views across the South Gloucestershire countryside. Musician Gary Kemp chose the Lake District as his special place after summers spent holidaying in the heart of National Trust countryside, sharing a picture of his son topping a Lakeland Fell.  

Johny Pitts comments, “Growing up on a council estate in Firth Park, Sheffield it always astounded me that a mere 20 minute drive away was this incredibly peaceful place full of natural beauty.  As a child I was also bewitched by the spooky ties to World War II and the Dambusters, and of the sunken village beneath Ladybower reservoir.”

“They call Sheffield the 'dirty picture in the golden frame' and I think when you live in a post-industrial city it is easy to identify with the old factories and terrace houses, and to forget that some of the world's most beautiful scenery is on your doorstep.”

Lots of people have special places that evoke happy memories so I think it’s great that the National Trust is encouraging people to share their love and give these places the importance they deserve.”


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